Established 2002

Current Hours

Our Hours
Monday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Saturday: 11:00am-Close
Sunday: 8:00am-Close

Norm's History

The original tavern building was built in 1923 by Ferdinand Kuehn. The buildings and land were owned by the Kuehn Family until 2002. In those 79 years, the original tavern building was added onto a couple of times and was leased 19 separate times. It was under various names such as: Hartman's Hideaway, Mullen's Resort, The Cove, The Shanty Inn, Drift Inn, and Dick and Wally's. In August 2002, the property was purchased by Norman Stanley and a 9-month property and bar renovation began. The idea of a north woods log interior was incorporated with a complete redesign of the bar and bathrooms.

An addition including the current warehouse, cooler, and kitchen along with the large deck, added to the front and side of that building. With all that completed, the building came to life with great people and memorable times. The bar was reopened in May of 2003 as Norm's Hideaway. Due to and overwhelming response and loyal support of many, an expansion was necessary to accommodate all the people, so another addition was started in the fall of 2005 and opened in the spring of 2006. Norm's has become known for a fun, comfortable atmosphere, great food and Norm's beaming personality (??). Norm can often be heard saying "we are not a supper club, we are a bar and grill that happens to serve very good food!!" Norm also came up with his own set of "Rules of Engagement", listed below for your pleasure

Rules of Engagement

1. We do not accept plastic; we do however have an ATM as cash works for us!
2. All your food and drink order are placed and paid for at the bar. We will deliver your food to you.
3. If you arrive when we happen to be busy there will be a wait for your food. The bartender will inform you of the kitchen wait time and there are not kidding!!!! But the wait is worth it! So sit back, relax, and look at the wait as a time to enjoy a cocktail of choice and the company of the person(s) you're with instead of getting impatient at us for being busy!

We have been blessed with many loyal support staff members from our cleaning crew, to our bartenders and cooks. We appreciate them and we hope you do as well! Thank you for choosing Norm's. We hope you enjoy your stay and stop back again soon for a visit.